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Radio's impact reaches far beyond other mediums of entertainment. In fact, radio as a whole reaches 93% of U.S. adults each week. As a marketer or business owner, you most likely want to reach as many people as possible, right? Well, you've come to the right place.

Coast Radio Group would love to help you Start Your Conversation!

coast RADIO

  • The only live & local radio group in our market

  • Seven radio stations to offer you a variety of audiences

  • In-house talent and live radio-shows

  • Focuses on community involvement and bettering our Gulf South home

  • Exposes your business to listeners in parts of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama

  • Reaches 93% of the Gulf South market's population every week

  • Largest footprint that traditional media can provide

  • Creative team with over 150 years of combined experience

  • Zero production costs in comparison to television commercials, billboards or magazine advertising

  • Hearing your commercial gives your business instant credibility

  • Offers a cost-effective means of delivering your message to potential customers

  • Designed to increase foot traffic, call volume and hits to your website

  • Market Strategists invested in your business's success

  • Each station equipped with its own mobile app, website and streaming capabilities

Learn how partnering with the Gulf South's only live and local radio group can ignite your business. Meet a market strategist ready to challenge themselves in helping you construct a plan designed to far-exceed your expectations. Our 50+ award-winning production experts are ready to help you craft a professional and impactful commercial that will reach hundreds of thousands of weekly radio listeners. Like you, we are local and understand the importance of ensuring that your investment is reciprocated.

South Mississippi's Most and Best Country
Format: Today's Country
Age: 25-54
100,000 watts
5a-10a:  Bryan & Momma in the Mornings
10a-3p: Sherry Mo on the Radio
3p-7p: Pat McGowan
7p-12m: Super Dave
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